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"Expanding the Limits” on view July 17 – August 25 | Imago Gallery

Featured artist Howard Roblat-Walker with guest artists Ed McAloon and Hayley Perry along with IFA artists
Public reception Saturday, July 27, 5–8 PM | Musical accompaniment by Cathy Clasper Torch


Howard Roblat-Walker

Rotblat-Walker’s work in this exhibition is a continuation of a series inspired by seeing M.C. Escher's Circle Limit III at Boston's MFA at the time that he was creating kaleidoscopic iterations. He started researching into Escher's approach and uncovered a body of mathematical papers and discussion on the underlying non-Euclidian geometry which Escher employed.

Don't miss his public talk about his work on Thursday, August 1, at 6:30 p.m. at the gallery where he will share his evolution from "iterated image," photo-based digital compositions to what's on display in the gallery. Learn about his progression from initially playing with reflections through straight-forward kaleidoscopic compositions and advanced geometric transformations to the exhibited work using non-Euclidian shapes. His emphasis will be on his artistic process rather than on Photoshop techniques.

"The pieces in this series show my exploration using non-Euclidian patterns developed with the underlying template of an array of Poincaré disks along the lines of Escher's Circle Limit series. My intent is making interesting and appealing designs via transformations of the section of my photo which I have selected rather than being rigorously mathematical."

Ed McAloon

McAloon, a mixed media visual artist and a collector of found materials, is showcasing examples his sculptural work.

A mainly self-taught artist who lives and works in Warren, McAloon obtained a certificate in Interior Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and attended classes in glass and metal fabrication. He has created work in stained glass as well fused glass which is integrated into sculpture and jewelry. He also fabricates outdoor and public art in steel with recycled and found materials.

"There is no simple explanation for what drives me to create my sculptures. I sometimes react to things that create anguish or joy. Often an assemblage of actual objects can present my opinion. This presentation may be serious or humorous. Often life-size objects are used.”

Ed McAloon Haunted by Giacometti


Haley Perry Behind the Scenes

Haley Perry Behind the Scenes

Hayley Perry

Perry is a painter and fiber artist and is showing paintings created with layered water media—watercolor, gouache, and acrylic paint—where color, shape, and light blend together to convey emotions and experiences.

Hayley studied undergraduate painting at Montserrat College of Art and graduate painting at UMass Dartmouth. She is the founder of Loop by Loop Studio, a small fiber arts business. Hayley has exhibited nationally with her fiber and painting work.

"I create landscapes both real and imagined, where the boundaries between the tangible and the ethereal blur. I explore quiet moments, usually solo and introspective or intimate and tender. I get to daydream about the lives of houses, forest clearings, and red dirt plains and draw out their spirits.”

IFA Artists
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