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IMAGO Talks Art 

Previous Podcasts

 In our inaugural episode, IMAGO Foundation for the Arts (IFA) Community Member Katie Hutchison speaks with IFA Artists Linda Megathlin and Mercedes Nuñez about the topic of Beginning. Both Megathlin and Nuñez were featured artists in an  IMAGO exhibit. 

Welcome to the "IMAGO Talks Art" podcast series.

In our second episode, IMAGO Foundation for the Arts (IFA) Community Member Katie Hutchison speaks about the theme of Connections with IFA Featured Artist Yolanda Mazzoni and Massiel Grullon, a mentor for teens at the Boston nonprofit Artists for Humanity who are Guest Artists in the upcoming exhibit.


Mazzoni's exhibit includes large works created in multiple media exploring different types of connections. Eight teen artists from Artists for Humanity explore the theme via paintings and collage.

Untitled by Alvin Yuen

All Hands In by Yolanda Mazzoni

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