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Community Members

In addition to providing opportunities for exhibiting artists, IFA also focuses on art programming for the public and collaboration with other local and regional organizations to inspire creativity and promote art-making that enriches our communities. Because of this commitment, we welcome the involvement of members of the community at-large who share this commitment.


We ask COMMUNITY MEMBERS to officially join IFA for $100 a year and encourage them to:

  • attend IFA member meetings

  • get involved with one or more of our operational committees (Exhibition, Public Relations, Membership, Special Initiatives or Development)

  • help with gallery sitting 

If interested, COMMUNITY MEMBERS are invited each year to sell their own artwork in our annual holiday exhibit.

For those not ready to make the $100 a year commitment, we welcome VOLUNTEERS willing to help by:

  •  facilitating and assisting at gallery events

  • covering gallery shifts

  • contributing their skills and know-how to special projects and programs

Email if interested
in finding out more about these opportunities

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