Imago Foundation for the Arts is proud to have cultivated the arts community in the East Bay for more than sixteen years!

When you support the arts, you improve the quality of life in your community

Each year Imago Foundation for the Arts hosts eight to ten exhibitions, welcoming more than 100 artists to participate in juried, student and community events at its gallery. With your support IFA can continue to offer artist talks, poetry readings, a book club, thoughtful lectures, and musical performances in addition to exhibits. Since IFA's John Udvardy Mount Hope High School Scholarship was established in 2018 for graduating seniors

interested in pursuing a college education in the arts, more than $3,000 have been distributed.

  • The events IFA sponsors enliven and enrich our community.

In collaboration with the Town of Warren, IFA is pursuing opportunities to expand business opportunities and the arts economy in the area. Working with IFA and other local entrepreneurs, the town has applied for grants to beautify the area surrounding the bike path, to build walkways, and install signage to guide visitors to the town's many arts resources.

  • These partnerships highlight our common goals and strengthen our relationships.

At a time when the internet is replacing brick and mortar storefronts, art spaces like IMAGO Gallery offer places for people to meet, share experiences and consider new ideas and means of expression. We hope you will enjoy what IFA has to offer.

thrives thanks to your support!

With appreciation,

Imago Foundation for the Arts

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Imago Foundation for the Arts is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. We depend on your support for our programming and community events.


Please consider these funding suggestions:
  • Fan: $ 35 Yearly
  • Friend: $50 Yearly
  • Best Friend: $100 Yearly
  • Art Lover: $250 Yearly
  • Art Fanatic: $500 or more Yearly
  • Art Enthusiast: Any Amount