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2021 Artists Speak


Beginning in April, 2021, Imago's Artists Speak series will feature talks by established Rhode Island artists who will present their artwork and tell the stories of how their creative lives and careers unfolded, enriching our communities in unexpected ways. The series aims to heighten public understanding of how the arts connect to building community.


The three speakers for the 2021 series include:

  • Joan Hausrath

  • Jazzmen Lee-Johnson

  • Pamela Seymour Smith Sharp


Each speaker will deliver a 45-60-minute talk/multi-media presentation followed by a 30-minute Q & A session on Zoom.  IFA strongly encourages all those interested in the arts to attend, especially artists beginning their careers or seeking additional inspiration.

IFA is very excited to continue this program. One of the organization’s mission is to offer meaningful arts programming for the surrounding community and to generate interest in how arts impact people’s lives.  Another benefit of this program is demonstrating how artists express themselves in original ways, connect with current events in society, and model innovative pathways to success that enrich the community. IFA is grateful to the ongoing support of its funding agencies and all those who support the arts.

Pamela Seymour Smith Sharp

Past Speakers

Mo Kelman

Allison Paschke

Victoria Crayhon

Bob Dilworth

Annu Palakunnathu Matthew

Howard Newman

Mary Healey Jamiel

Willy Heeks

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