About this exhibit:

The World Between Time

Paintings by Meredith Wolf


“The world of reality has its limits.  The world of imagination is boundless.”

― Rousseau


I invite you to go deeply into yourself, embracing all your deepest emotions, a place where time is ephemeral as you allow yourself to drift and drift and drift.

Enter the realm of timelessness through a vortex, a place where there is no day or night, a place where you are at one with yourself, your ancestors and children, a realm where there is no separation between you, the land, and its creatures.  You are there with the earth mother.


Mystical Groves                 Mythic Caves


Golden Sunbeams Over Flowing Water    


Haunting Sunsets              Shimmering Skies     


Dream Through Misty Mountains          Gems of Fire


Infinite Darkness               Sacred Openings


                   New Beginnings


This is a new world, a world only your imagination can create!

“We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

― T. S. Elliot

Paintings and Drawings

By Dennis Delomba



“Painting has become a place in which I analyze, relive and re-experience life events in both the most complex and primal languages.  For me, painting is the ultimate challenge, the most comprehensive voice, and the most connective encounter of all the fragments and layers of the scattered self.  Looking over human history, I can see nothing better than to be a powerful painter.”


“Technically I go back, endlessly striving to comprehend, to the early Flemish artists such as Van Eyck; to the Italian masters like Caravaggio, the Spanish tradition epitomized in Velasquez, and always Leonardo and Rembrandt for their monumental understanding of the human vision.”