2021 Exhibition Schedule

March 5 - April 18

Featured IFA Artists

Howard Windham

Mary Dondero

Amy Sutherland

Guest Artist Mary Katz


April 23 - June 20

Featured IFA Artists

Eileen Siobhan Collins

Lenny Rumpler
Guest Artists Michelle Lougee and Greg Sampl



June 25 - August 1

Featured IFA Artists

Eileen Mayhew

Yolanda Mazzoni

Lindsay Mac

Meredith Wolf



August 6 - September 12

Featured IFA Artists

Howard Rotblat-Walker

Rina Naik

Carl Keitner
Guest Artists Brett Day Windham and Sarah Daughn


September 17 - October 24 

Featured IFA Artists

Pascale Lord

Linda Megathin

Juji Watrous 
Guest Artists Rhode Island Watercolor Society


October 29 - November 28

Featured IFA Artists
Mercedes Nuñez

Anne Marie Rossi

Michael Somers
Guest Artist Ashley Pelletier


December 3 - December 19

IFA Artists and Community Members

 Winter Holiday Exhibit