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Public Art Space Design Project


Imago Foundation for the Arts is collaborating with the Town of Warren on a call for proposals from architects, landscape architects, artists and designers of all types to revitalize a public walkway that connects Child Street and Market Street in downtown Warren, one block east of Main Street.

Partially supported by a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through an appropriation by the Rhode Island General Assembly, the goal of the project is to offer pedestrians, community members, and visitors a variety of experiences--places to rest as well as places to view art installations, pop-up performances, and related cultural events while connecting a community theater, art gallery, restaurant, and residents at the north end of Warren with businesses and residential buildings closer to the downtown commercial district. 




The space currently includes a bluestone path, brick pavers as accents, benches, outdoor light stands, granite curbing, and plants situated between a privately-owned parking lot and a combined residential-commercial building. The walkway's primary function is to allow pedestrians to travel between two busy streets leading to and away from downtown Warren.  The walkway connects a community theater, art gallery, restaurant, and residents at the north end of Warren with businesses and residential buildings closer to the downtown commercial district.




The Barrus Street area is a mixed use and economically diverse locale with a variety of residential, small commercial, dining and arts-related businesses.  There is close proximity to the East Bay bike path, downtown Warren, the post office, and more.  Although many residents, visitors, and neighbors are supporters of the arts, many residents and visitors are not.  The development of the proposed public arts space will help increase access to and build awareness of the arts among a part of the population that normally does not visit galleries, museums or theaters.

Long-term, it is envisioned that this project will be a catalyst spurring additional initiatives to incorporate the arts in the streetscape of the Town of Warren as part of a larger effort to improve the downtown area in terms of appearance, pedestrian access, community vitality and supporting a sense of place for area residents and businesses as well as visitors.




  • Budget conscious, flexible, multi-use design appropriate for outside art exhibitions and performances

  • Thoughtful use of materials, resistant to weather, graffiti, and vandalism

  • Low maintenance

  • Should look inviting at all times, even when no events or exhibitions are scheduled





  • Detailed drawings and a written description of proposal

  • Information on the qualifications of the persons or firms submitting the proposal

  • Estimated build-out budget and proposed timeline

  • Name the project





  • Pre-register via email indicating an intent to submit a project proposal.  A submission number will be assigned.

  • Once a submission number is assigned, submitters are expected to submit three separate documents, which are described below:

    • Submit detailed drawings in PDF format.  Include a proposed name for the project and use the name on the additional documents submitted.  Indicate the assigned submission number in the file and document title.  Do not include any identifying information about submitter.

    • Submit a separate written description of the proposal, including a build-out estimate and list of materials used, also in PDF format.  Indicate the assigned submission number in the file and document title.  Do not include any identifying information about submitter.

    • Submit a separate document in PDF format that describes in detail the qualifications of the person and/or firm submitting the proposal.  Use the assigned submission number in the file and document.


Submissions should be sent electronically by Nov. 1 to:


Warren Arts Walkway





Sept. 1            Call for Proposals opens


Nov. 1             Call closes


Nov. 2 –30      Jury selects three finalists


Dec. 1              Jury notifies finalists and provides a $500 stipend for each finalist to prepare a presentation and / or scale drawings and illustrations of their proposal that will be presented at a public forum


Mar. 15           Public presentation of three finalists’ proposals at IMAGO Gallery


Mar. 15 – 31   Three finalists’ proposals will be on display at Imago Gallery


Apr. 1 – 15      Three finalists’ proposals will be on display at Warren Town Hall


Apr. 30            Finalist is named at a ceremony at Town Hall


May 1              Fundraising for development of the project commences through public and private sources





Warren Town Manager Jan Reitsma will serve as project leader to oversee the project and will coordinate the involvement of various town departments and functions that will need to be involved such as planning and zoning, the Department of Public Works. He will also serve as a liaison with the Town Council to solicit support for the project.




The Jury Panelists include:


Jonathan Glatt, co-founder of O&G Studio, a combined studio, showroom and workshop in Warren, RI. Along with fellow RISD alum, Sara Ossana, Glatt has built O&G into an a nationally acclaimed furniture design and manufacturing house, with publications and awards from Vogue magazine, Elle Decor, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and others.


Katie Hutchison, a residential architect, author, and fine-art photographer, who lives in Warren. After founding Katie Hutchison Studio, her multi-discipline enterprise, in Salem, Massachusetts, she returned to reside in Rhode Island where she graduated with a B. Arch and B.F.A. from RISD. Her book, The New Small House, published by The Taunton Press in October 2015 was an best-seller.


Kate Michaud, Warren Town Planner. Before coming to Warren in February, 2016, she was the

Administrative Officer for the Tiverton Planning Board. In this capacity, she chaired the Technical Review Committee, responsible for interagency review and coordination of land development projects and subdivisions, including managing inspection and compliance. In addition to her duties as Tiverton’s planning board’s administrative officer, Michaud was Interim Tiverton Town Planner from April 2012 to October 2014 and helped to write the 2009 update to the comprehensive plan. While serving in Tiverton, she co-authored multiple Community Development Block Grant applications and state department of transportation road

improvement program (“TIP”) applications.


Ed Shea, Artistic Director of 2nd Story Theatre. In this role, Ed is responsible for leadership and artistic aesthetic. He works in close partnership with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors on business and administrative matters, including financial and budgetary issues, long-range and short-term planning. He oversees all creative projects, directs most of them, selects plays, and secures the artistic, technical and production participants, assembling a resourceful team to implement his creative vision.


Michael Somers, the current president of the Imago Foundation for the Arts. He has been a non-artist member of the organization for four years. Mike is the director of Library Services at Maxwell Library, Bridgewater State University. As an arts advocate, Mike has worked with the university's Art department faculty and the university curator on installing exhibitions in the library and is an activate participant on the university's Arts Committee. Mike has a BA in English literature from Oakland University (MI), an MA in English and American literature from Purdue University, an MA in Creative Writing from Purdue University,

and a Master's in Library and Information Science (MLIS) from University of Michigan.


Mr. Somers will serve as chairperson and facilitator of the Jury Panel.




For further information, please contact:


Kate Michaud, Warren Town Planner



Michael Somers, president of Imago Foundation for the Arts

(774) 218-6425

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